You’ve got a Friend

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Back Door Man – The Doors

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Back Door Man


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Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes

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Betty Davis Eyes

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Donna Summer and Robin Gibb The music’s over

AS A genre, disco gets a rotten press. It tends to conjure up images of hairy chests and medallions, and the worst kind of dad-dancing: a roll of the hands and a finger thrust from the floor to the sky. It was, said Bethann Hardison, a black runway model in the 1970s, “created so that white people could dance”.

Such a caricature does it no justice. The beat might be the simplest 4/4, but the origins are more complex. To understand where disco came from, and why it should be considered culturally important, one must first place oneself in dysfunctional, dangerous 1970s New York. If punk rock, born of a similar time and place, and hip-hop, a little younger, are the musical styles that define that city’s disaffected youth, then they have a sibling in disco. “Disco was born, maggot like, from the rotten remains of the Big Apple”, wrote Peter Shapiro in “Turn the Beat Around” a history of the genre.

The release it gave was different though. While punk was like a child throwing a tantrum and hip hop was about fierce rhetoric, disco meant escaping reality. The outrageous clothes and ostentatious dance moves took the mind off of the gang violence and unemployment. For the city’s gays, who were still striving for acceptance, it was particularly liberating.

The disco beat quickly spread around the world. By the time that Donna Summer released “I Feel Love” in 1977, it was mainstream. Everyone was at it. Even the Rolling Stones released a lamentable disco attempt, “Hot Stuff”, in 1976. Nonetheless, “I Feel Love” was one of the most influential records of the decade. Produced by Giorgio Moroder, it layered Moog synthesiser tracks (until then the preserve of avant garde electronica bands such as Kraftwerk) to create one of the most compelling dance tunes ever released. It is also the exact moment that disco sprouted the branch that evolved into house music.

Born LaDonna Adrian Gaines, Ms Summer died of cancer at her home in Florida on May 17th, aged 63. She is remembered for having made a journey from psychedelic singer—she had toured with the musical “Hair” in the 1960s—to disco diva. Hits such as “Love to Love you Baby” and “Hot Stuff” meant she became synonymous with the era. But she continued to deliver hits until the mid-1980s with the pop album “She Works Hard for the Money” in 1983, her last big seller. Then controversy dogged her. A rumour spread that she had described AIDS as God’s retribution on gays. No-one could point to a source for the quote, and she emphatically denied saying it, yet it was repeated so often that it became an unquestioned truth. It was particularly distressing because she had become an icon of the gay club scene.

Just three days after Donna Summer died came the news that another disco heavyweight, Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, had also succumbed to cancer. Mr Gibb once said that the Bee Gees had a two-tier career. Up top was the band itself. It was hugely successful, first in the 1960s with folksy hits such as “Massachusetts” and “New York Mining Disaster 1941”, and then as the falsetto disco kings of the 1970s.

The lower tier was the insatiable song-writing for other performers. Only Lennon & McCartney can claim a comparable catalogue. Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand, Nina Simone and even Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child, enjoyed success with songs written by the band. Flagging superstars, such as Diana Ross and Dionne Warwick, whose careers were in need of resuscitation, turned to the brothers Gibb to apply the ECG. (Ms Warwick, it is said, was not much impressed by “Heartbreaker”, the song written for her. Still, she stoically banked the cheques as the song proved her biggest hit in years.)

But it was the Bee Gees’ soundtrack to the film “Saturday Night Fever” that lives uppermost in the public consciousness. It sold in huge numbers. Although there is no definitive count, some lists make it the ninth best-selling album in the world.

But, like Ms Summer, they found it difficult to escape the ‘70s. Although Mr Gibb had further chart success, both as a solo artist and as a Bee Gee, the end of the disco era made the band deeply unfashionable. But this didn’t bother him. As long as people still bought his records, whether recorded by him or some other star, he was happy.

Music had been all the brothers had ever known. The white-suit, white-teeth trio of “Saturday Night Fever” were a world apart from the youngsters who had played skiffle on street corners in rainy 1950s Manchester. Now only Barry Gibb, the eldest, remains.

Robin’s twin, Maurice, died in 2003.

The youngest brother, Andy, who also had chart success, died in 1988. But the Bee Gees spirit lives on every time a dad gets up to inflict an embarrassing dance on his children.

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The Seven Most Important Men in a Woman’s Life

1. The Doctor – who tells her to “take off all her clothes.”

2. The Dentist – who tells her to “open wide.”

3. The Milkman – who asks her “do you want it in the front or the back?”

4. The Primal Hunter – who always goes deep into the bush, always shoots twice, always eats what he shoots, but keeps telling her “Keep quiet and lie still!”

5. The Banker – who insists to her “if you take it out too soon, you’ll lose interest!”

6.The Hairdresser – who asks her “do you want it teased or blown?”

7. The Interior Designer – who assures her “once it’s inside, you’ll LOVE it!”

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الحلقة 25 من مسلسل الجماعة The Ikhwan Episode 25

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قررت أنتخب شفيق

اقترب يوم الحسم يوم تقرر مصر هل سننطلق نحو المستقبل أم سنعود إلى كهوف القرون الوسطي أو كهوف تورا بورا وخاصة أن أحد المرشحين له خبرة كبيرة فى هذه كهوف.
ولقد حسمت أمري وقررت أن أعطي صوتي للفريق أحمد شفيق. لماذا؟
لأنة الوحيد القادر على مواجهة الهجمة الظلامية الاخوانوسلفيه على مصر
لأنة الوحيد القادر على الحفاظ على مدنية الدولة المصرية وألا تتحول إلى مصرستان
لأنة الوحيد القادر على إعادة هيبة الدولة المصرية إلى الشارع المصري بعد أن أصبح مرتع للبلطجية المنحرفين والبلطجية الدينيين.
لأنة الوحيد القادر على حماية اقتصاد مصر من الانهيار. فوصول أحد المرشحين الإسلاميين أو أحد المتحالفين معهم يعنى الخراب الاقتصادي، يعنى حصار اقتصادي خارجي ودمار اقتصادى داخلي.
لأنة الوحيد القادر على حماية صناعة السياحة فى مصر.
لأنة الوحيد القادر على حماية الفن والفنانين
لأنة الوحيد القادر على إعادة الحقوق إلى المواطنين المصريين من غير المسلمين وأعنى بهم المسيحيين والبهائيين. ليعودوا مواطنين مصريين لهم كل الحقوق وعليهم كل الواجبات.
لأنة شخصية قوية يقدر ينظف كل وساخات النظام السابق فى الوزارات والهيئات والمصالح الحكومية والمحليات.
لأنة رجل دولة متمرس وذو خبرة معروف محليا ودوليا.
عشان أنا مصري وبحب مصر
قررت أختار شفيق رئيس لمصر.

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ابو الفتوح أمير الجماعة الإسلامية

بقلم طبيبة مصرية زاملت أبو الفتوح فى كلية الطب
جاء سؤال واضح من السيد موسى وجهه إلى أبو الفتوح ،، عن بدايته كأمير للجماعات الإسلامية في السبعينيات ،،، و مسئولية هذه الجماعات عن زرع بذور العنف الدينى فى المجتمع المصرى..وطالبه السيد موسى بالإعتذار عن هذه الفترة التى أزهقت فيها أرواح أبرياء كثيرون….و توقعت من أبو الفتوح أن يكون صادقا….و لكن يا للعار…..يا للعار يا عزيزى “…د.عبد المنعم” …..فلقد كذبت أيضا…كذبت بإدعائك أن الجماعات الإسلامية كانت جماعات “سلمية”…ولم تستخدم العنف “مطلقا”……!!!!

لقد أجبرتنى على الرجوع إلى ملفاتى القديمة….وإبراز صور فوتوغرافية ….لأيام الجلاليب البيضاء داخل الكلية ،،والتى كانت تخفى السلاسل و السكاكين…….
أعدتنى إلى يوم حفلة فرقة “المصريين” ،، والتى أضطر فيها عميد الكلية (الراحل أ. د هاشم فؤاد) إلى إحضار الأمن المركزى لمحاصرة القصر العينى ،،لإخراجكم من قاعة الإحتفالات التى أحتلت بقوة الجنازير و السواطير…
ولولا خوف “حلمى الجزار” نائب أمير الجماعة وقتها ،، لكان الأمن المركزى إقتحم قاعة الإحتفالات ،، و لكانت أصبحت مذبحة حقيقية…. و مئات الشهود من الزملاء الأعزاء مازالوا يذكرون هذا اليوم ،، أطال الله فى عمرك و أعمارهم وصحتهم….
أعدتنى إلى يوم تهديدى الشخصى بإغلاق معرض للوحاتى الفنية التى لم يكن فيها أى شىء خارج ،، بحجة أن الرسم حرام ،، وإلا فسوف تتكلم السلاسل و الجنازير….
أعدتنى إلى أيام تهديدنا بإغلاق مقر “الجمعية العلمية لطلبة طب القاهرة” ‘ وإلا فسوف يتم “هدر دماؤنا”…..
أعدتنى إلى يوم غزوة “الجمعية العلمية لطب القاهرة ” بعد صلاة الفجر ،، والتى أستغل فيه أتباع الجماعة “السلمية” خلو الكلية فى هذا الوقت ،، و لو كانوا فعلا رجالا لكانوا فعلوها أثناء النهار…..أثناء الأسبوع…
لقد أحبطنى كذبك يا ” د. عبد المنعم”……أحبطنى…وأحبطت معى الآف ممن كانوا يؤيدونك……

ولك الله يا مصر…..!!!
حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل….

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