Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 2014

Lamborghini’s Latest Is Ridiculous in All the Right Ways

Aventador 1134

Two things happened within hours of my getting behind the wheel of Lamborghini’s exceedingly angry and absurdly powerful Aventador Roadster.

First, 70 people (yes, I counted) gathered around, snapping pictures, shooting video and invariably asking “How much?” and “How fast?” This made it quite difficult to get out of the city, but after an hour, I finally hit the road–only to have a cop stop me for speeding. In Manhattan. As if.
aventa 9
Such is your fate when driving anything from Lamborghini, which has for 50 years built excessive exotica young men dream about but only rich men buy. The company seems to exist merely to push the bounds of design, speed, cost, and taste. The Aventador Roadster does all those things, gloriously.
aventa 14 2014-Lamborghini-Aventador-Seats
The first thing anyone asks about a Lamborghini is how much and how fast, so let’s get that out of the way. The topless version of Lambo’s top-of-the-line model will set you back $441,600 (my tester eclipsed $480K) and propel you to 217 mph if you have the space and the courage. It puts down 700 horsepower and does zero to 60 in a mind-bending 3.0 seconds.

The roadster is, like the coupe, an angry, angry car. It’s all angles and creases, inspired by the F-22 and F-35 jets. The “roadster” nomenclature is odd, given that every other drop-top from Santa’Agata is called a spyder. But then, this isn’t a convertible so much as a Targa. I might even call it a T-top. The two-piece top, made entirely of carbon fiber because it could be, weighs just 13 pounds and comes on and off in a snap.
aventa 2
The top may be the most pedestrian thing about this car. Italian law dictates that exotics must be wider than they are tall, and, as with all things, Lamborghini takes it to an extreme. The Aventador’s roofline is no higher than your hip, yet the car is a comically wide (approximately 80 inches). It’s a big car, too: 10 inches longer and 9 inches wider than a Porsche Carrera. It’s also more than four times as expensive, so there’s that.
aventa 10
Pray to the Deity of Your Choice
While the Aventador’s carbon fiber and aluminum bodywork is gorgeous, it plays hell with your sight lines. Even with the top down you can’t see a damn thing. But then, rearward vision always tends to be an afterthought with exotics. The sliver of glass behind your head is almost pointless, and changing lanes or merging with traffic requires checking the mirrors repeatedly while praying to the deity of your choice.

Few things are cooler than a Lamborghini’s scissor doors. They rise slowly, with the faint “whiiiiisk” of a hydraulic valve. The interior is every bit as excessive as the exterior. It too was inspired by fighter jets, right down to a bright red starter switch covered by one of those cool hinged covers. Anything that isn’t covered in two-tone leather is wrapped in Alcantara, the numerous switches and knobs have a retro-cool vibe (though they’re straight from the Audi parts bin) and the digital display behind that fat steering wheel is the sharpest thing this side of a 4K TV.
aventa 8
Driving an exotic in winter may not be the best idea, but that’s exactly what I did. Though the temperature hovered around freezing each morning, the Aventador’s massive V12 fired up without complaint. There’s a turbine-like whine followed by a glorious bark that turns heads in the next county. If you think it’s loud, drop the windows, blip the throttle and feel that glorious rumble rattle your brain. That’s loud.
aventa 5
Speed comes in many forms. In a Bentley, for example, it washes over you effortlessly, the engine providing no sense of how hard it’s working. In the BMW M6, it’s got a harder edge but you’re still buffered from the road.
aventa 4
In a Lamborghini, it comes with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the forehead. Even with a battalion of electronic nannies watching your back, this is not a car for the weak or the stupid. Jab the accelerator like a moron and you’ll pay for. This is a car that demands smooth inputs, lest you risk snapping your neck. That kick in the ass is fun, but I had serious neck pain for two weeks after driving this car and had to visit a chiropractor. The Aventador is like a small child: You must pay close attention to what it’s doing at all times.

This Baby Punishes Fools, Rewards Skill
But the best thing about this car isn’t its ferocious thrust or maximum velocity. It’s the driver involvement required to make it really perform. Any idiot can mash the gas, hold on and pray. But true driving demands skill, something the Aventador rewards. It is challenging to drive at all speeds, not just at the limit.
aventa 6
Due to the extreme structural rigidity of its carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the mighty Lambo is an extremely sharp tool for carving corners. The engine delivers power ferociously and without the slightest hesitation. It accelerates right now. Three driving modes (strada, sport, and corsa) unleash increasing levels of crazy. The seven-speed sequential transmission — please, don’t call it an automatic — ensures you’re always in the right gear and shifts in as little as 50 milliseconds. You’ve got to climb into an F1 car to get a gearbox that shifts faster than that.
aventa 11 2014-lamborghini-aventador-lp720-4-50-anniversario-interior-photo-512525-s-1280x782
The Aventador Roadster is a bit high-strung around town. Shifts are labored, the drivetrain twitchy and the car just generally in a funk. This is common with single-clutch automated gearboxes like the Lambo has, and you just learn to live with it. Embrace it and it becomes an endearing quirk.
aventa 3
Worrying about fuel economy in a car like this is almost pointless, but even Lamborghini must be mindful of rising efficiency standards in the EU and US. Therefore, the Aventador Roadster sports a suite of fuel-saving tech. The stop-start mode, which cuts the engine at stoplights and such, is seamless, if largely moot in a car that gets 10 mpg (combine city and highway). Cylinder deactivation turns the V12 into straight six1 by shutting down one bank of cylinders at speeds below 84 mph in “street” mode. Of course, if you want it all, all the time, choose “sport” or “corsa” and stomp on it.
aventa 6
And who are we fooling? If you have a Lamborghini, you’re gonna stomp on it, as often as possible. That’s what cars like this are for. The Aventador Roadster embodies the ultimate automotive dream. It’s wildly exotic, insanely fast, and highly exclusive. It’s far from perfect — the interior switchgear is obviously from lesser Audis, the interior gadgetry already seems dated and you can’t see a damn thing — but then, it doesn’t have to be. It’s a Lamborghini, and for those with the means to buy one, that’s enough.
aventa 10 Lamborghini-Aventador-Stretch-Limo-Concept-2013-2014-Price-in-Pakistan

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24 hour rental Feb 18 @ 11:00pm on Super Channel 2

24 hour 23 poster

Feb 18 @ 11:00pm on Super Channel 2

Feb 19 @ 3:00am on Super Channel 2

Feb 23 @ 1:00am on Super Channel 2

george 13 mihalka
George Mihalka
In a deviant gangster satire, petty criminals operate a shady video rental store. Forget about gallows humor, 24 Hour Rental is black comedy two weeks after the execution.

24 hour 27
Twisted new comedy series 24 HOUR RENTAL has been infecting the city of Hamilton, Ontario, spreading a network of crackhouses and crime scenes, brothels and bloodbaths. Stitching together Clerks and Sopranos, the half-hour satire is a gangster show that’s been vivisected and jolted back to life with black magic and meth amphetamine. Directed by George Mihalka (My Bloody Valentine, The Street, Omerta, Race to Mars) and starring Romano Orzari (Nikita, The Listener, Omerta, Durham County, White House Down), Michael Biehn (Aliens, The Terminator, The Abyss), and Mike Smith (Trailer Park Boys), the 13 episode series—festering with viral potential—will air on Super Channel in 2013.
24 hour 26
24 HOUR RENTAL follows Tracker (Orzari), a former Mafia boss. Having barely avoided an early retirement in a shallow grave, he now operates a seedy video store. Struggling to stay afloat in the Internet age, Tracker runs his shop as a front for a host of petty crimes—from fencing jewellery to peddling dope cut with Drano and desperation—all in hopes of returning to power.

24 Hour Rental – Opening Title from 24 Hour Rental on Vimeo.

Fuck heroes.
That’s a line from our show, but it’s also our philosophy. At least when it comes to TV and movie heroes. Breaking Bad is five wonderful seasons of methed-out misery porn. The good guys in Sons of Anarchy are gun-runners fighting drug dealers, which means we’re basically staring at a prison riot and pretending it’s one of Aesop’s fables. Dexter wears a threadbare cloak of moral justification like the skin of a dead hooker. And people still keep watching Scarface not to absorb its message of power and corruption but as a primer to pimping their assault weapons with gold plate and diamond studs. So many violent, unstable misogynists have their own shows it’s like we’re using the sex offender registry as a focus group.
24 hour 22
So we screwed with our own heroes. We didn’t make a gangster show. We made a show to take the piss out of gangster shows and anti-heroes. It’s about the hard-on we get when reruns of The Sopranos comes on. We made a series that takes familiar gangster themes and bloats them to the point of absurdity. And when they pop like blisters, we hope the bloody spray tickles. Because it’s a comedy, right? We’re doing satire here, not preach. Even if we tried to get on a soapbox, it’d be full of the lye serial killers use to dissolve bodies. You’re supposed to laugh. Or at least gag in a way that sounds like a chuckle.
24 hour 21
The point of our show is not just to entertain, but to shock, in the purest sense of the word.

We’re going for the comedy of outrage, hoping to irritate the same people who hate Louis CK, Daniel Tosh and Dave Chappelle. We want to jolt your system, hit your conscience in the teeth. We try to keep things light, sure, but sometimes a claw hammer is a lot more effective than a dainty touch. This is social satire, incisive and brutal, Jonathan Swift slit open with rusty scalpels.
24 hour 28
It’s not subtle. But that’s the idea. Pop culture’s already full of all kinds of racist, violent, sexist bullshit, all crammed into every episode of 2Broke Girls, Banshee, or whatever else is passing itself off as edgy. Satirizing the worship of amorality, misanthropy and cruelty, means going as far as you can without accidentally slapping a laugh track on a hate crime.

24 hour 19
Feb 14 at The Royal Cinema George Mihalka with “goulish” Gary Pullin, graphic designer extrordinaire before the show.

So, we ended up with a pretty nasty black comedy, and we’ve got no problem with that. But don’t get us wrong. This isn’t the kind of show that bitches that “political correctness” has gone too far—the only people who say that are old fart CEOs pissed off they can’t finger-bang their secretaries at the staff Christmas party. We want you to be offended when you laugh – and think about what’s pissing you off.

24 Hour Rental – Promo “Tracker” from 24 Hour Rental on Vimeo.

We want you to love our anti-heroes—and feel just a little ashamed about it. And we want you to have fun. Horrible, terrifying, anarchic, weird and sadistic fun. Think of it as an amusement park where all the carnies are serial killers on bad acid. It might not always be pleasant, but it’s going to be a hell of a ride. So fuck heroes. You won’t find any of them here.

24 hour rental

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TRUFFLES الفقع أو الكمأ Arabic Al Kamma Truffes French Tartufi Italian

DCF 1.0
Black Périgord Truffle
A truffle is the fruiting body of a subterranean Ascomycete fungus, predominantly one of the many species of the genus Tuber. Some of the truffle species are highly prized as a food. French gourmand Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called truffles “the diamonds of the kitchen”.Edible truffles are held in high esteem in Middle Eastern, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Georgian cooking, as well as in international haute cuisine. Truffles are ectomycorrhizal fungi and are therefore usually found in close association with the roots of trees. Spore dispersal is accomplished through fungivores, animals that eat fungi.
The origin of the word truffle appears to be the Latin term tuber, meaning “swelling” or “lump”, which became tufer- and gave rise to the various European terms: French truffe, Spanish trufa, Danish trøffel, German Trüffel, Swedishtryffel, Dutch truffel, Polish trufel, Serbian тартуф / tartuf and Croatian tartuf. In Portuguese, the words trufa and túbera are synonyms, the latter closer to the Latin term. The German word Kartoffel (“potato”) is derived from the Italiantartufo (truffle) because of superficial similarities.
Truffle 2 Crispy_veal_sweetbreads
Crispy veal sweetbreads filled with truffle
The mycelia of truffles form symbiotic, mycorrhizal relationships with the roots of several tree species including beech, poplar, oak, birch, hornbeam, hazel, and pine. They prefer argillaceous or calcareous soils which are well drained and neutral or alkaline. Truffles fruit throughout the year, depending on the species and can be found buried between the leaf litter and the soil.
The phylogeny and biogeography of truffles was first investigated in 2008 using internal transcribed spacers (ITS) of nuclear DNA with five major clades (Aestivum, Excavatum, Rufum, Melanosporum and Puberulum); this was later improved and expanded in 2010 using large-subunits (LSU) of mitochondrial DNA to nine major clades. The Magnatum and Macrosporum clades were distinguished as distinct from the Aestivum clade. The Gibbosum clade was resolved as distinct from all other clades, and the Spinoreticulatum clade was separated from the Rufum clade.
White truffle

Truffle 3_washed_and_cutted
White truffle washed and cut
The “white truffle” or “trifola d’Alba” (Tuber magnatum) comes from the Langhe and Montferrat areas of the Piedmont region in northern Italy and, most famously, in the countryside around the cities of Alba and Asti; in Italy it can also be found in Molise, Abruzzo, and in the hills around San Miniato, in Tuscany. It is also found on the Istria peninsula, in Croatia in the Motovun forest along the Mirna river, and in Slovenia along the Dragonja and Rizana river, as well as in the Drome area in France. Growing symbiotically with oak, hazel, poplar and beech and fruiting in autumn, they can reach 12 cm (5 in) diameter and 500 g, though are usually much smaller.

The flesh is pale cream or brown with white marbling. Italian white truffles are very highly esteemed (illustration, left) and are the most valuable on the market: The white truffle market in Alba is busiest in the months of October and November when the Fiera del Tartufo (truffle fair) takes place. In 2001, the Tuber magnatum truffles sold for between 1000–2200 USD per pound (2000–4500 USD per kg); as of December 2009 they were being sold at 14,203.50 USD per kilogram.
In 1999, Giancarlo Zigante and his dog Diana found one of the largest truffles in the world near Buje, Croatia. The truffle weighed 1.31 kilograms (2 lb 14 oz) and has entered the Guinness Book of Records.

The record price paid for a single white truffle was set in December 2007, when Macau casino owner Stanley Ho paid 330,000 USD (£165,000) for a specimen weighing 1.5 kilograms (3.3 lb), discovered by Luciano Savini and his dog Rocco. One of the largest truffles found in decades, it was unearthed near Pisa, Italy and sold at an auction held simultaneously in Macau, Hong Kong and Florence. This record was then matched on November 27, 2010 when Ho again paid 330,000 USD for a pair of white truffles, including one weighing nearly a kilogram.
The Tuber magnatum pico white truffle is found mostly in northern and central Italy, while the Tuber borchii, or whitish truffle, is found in Tuscany, Abruzzo, Romagna, Umbria, the Marche and Molise. Neither of these is as aromatic as those from Piedmont, although those from Città di Castello come quite close.
Black truffle

DCF 1.0
Black Périgord Truffle, cut
The black truffle or black Périgord truffle (Tuber melanosporum), the second-most commercially valuable species, is named after the Périgord region in France and grows with oak and hazelnuttrees. Black truffles are harvested in late autumn and winter. The genome sequence of the black truffle was published in March 2010.
Summer or burgundy truffle

Truffle 5 Black.summer.truffle.arp
Black summer truffle (in Italian: Tartufi Neri Estivi) in a shop window in Rome, Italy
The black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) is found across Europe and is prized for its culinary value. Burgundy truffles (Tuber uncinatum) are harvested in autumn until December and have aromatic flesh of a darker colour.

Other species
A less common truffle is “garlic truffle” (Tuber macrosporum). In the U.S. Pacific Northwest, several species of truffle are harvested both recreationally and commercially, most notably, the “Oregon white truffles”, Tuber oregonense and Tuber gibbosum.
The “pecan truffle” (Tuber lyonii) syn. texense is found in the Southern United States, usually associated with pecan trees. Chefs who have experimented with them agree “they are very good and have potential as a food commodity”. Although pecan farmers used to find them along with pecans and discard them, considering them a nuisance, they sell for about $100 a pound and have been used in some gourmet restaurants.

Truffle-like species
The term “truffle” has been applied to several other genera of similar underground fungi. The genera Terfezia and Tirmania of the family Terfeziaceae are known as the “desert truffles” of Africa and the Middle East. “Hart’s truffle” is a name for Elaphomycetaceae. Pisolithus tinctorius, which was historically eaten in parts of Germany, is sometimes called “Bohemian truffle”.
Truffle 6 Desert_truffle_-_Terfezia_spp._from_Avanos,_Turkey
Desert truffle – Terfezia spp. from Avanos, Turkey
The first mention of truffles appears in the inscriptions of the neo-Sumerians regarding their Amorite enemy’s eating habits (Third Dynasty of Ur, 20th century BC) and later in writings of Theophrastus in the fourth century BC. In classical times, their origins were a mystery that challenged many; Plutarch and others thought them to be the result of lightning, warmth and water in the soil, while Juvenal thought thunder and rain to be instrumental in their origin. Cicero deemed them children of the earth, while Dioscorides thought they were tuberous roots.

Italy in the Classical period produced three kinds of truffles: the Tuber melanosporum, the Tuber magnificanus and the Tuber magnatum. The Romans, however, only used the terfez (Terfezia bouderi), a fungus of similar appearance, which the Romans called truffles, and which is sometimes called “desert truffle”. Terfez used in Rome came from Lesbos, Carthage, and especially Libya, where the coastal climate was less dry in ancient times. Their substance is pale, tinged with rose. Unlike truffles, terfez have no taste of their own. The Romans used the terfez as a carrier of flavour, because the terfez have the property to absorb surrounding flavours. Indeed, Ancient Roman cuisine used many spices and flavours, and terfez were perfect in that context.

Middle Ages
Truffles were rarely used during the Middle Ages. Truffle hunting is mentioned by Bartolomeo Platina, the papal historian, in 1481, when he recorded that the sows of Notza were without equal in hunting truffles, but they should be muzzled to prevent them from eating the prize.
According to a hadith narrated by Saeed bin Zaid, Muhammad said that truffles are like manna and that water from truffles “heals eye diseases”.
Renaissance and modern times
During the Renaissance, truffles regained popularity in Europe and were honoured at the court of King Francis I of France. However, it was not until the 17th century that Western (and in particular French) cuisine abandoned “heavy” oriental spices, and rediscovered the natural flavour of foodstuffs. Truffles were very popular in Parisian markets in the 1780s. They were imported seasonally from truffle grounds, where peasants had long enjoyed their secret. Brillat-Savarin (1825) noted characteristically that they were so expensive they appeared only at the dinner tables of great nobles and kept women. A great delicacy was a truffled turkey.
Truffles long eluded techniques of domestication, as Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1825) noted:

Truffle 7 2005mushroom_and_truffle
Mushroom and truffle output in 2005
“The most learned men have sought to ascertain the secret, and fancied they discovered the seed. Their promises, however, were vain, and no planting was ever followed by a harvest. This perhaps is all right, for as one of the great values of truffles is their dearness, perhaps they would be less highly esteemed if they were cheaper.”

However, truffles can be cultivated. As early as 1808, there were successful attempts to cultivate truffles, known in French as trufficulture. People had long observed that truffles were growing among the roots of certain trees, and in 1808, Joseph Talon, from Apt (département of Vaucluse) in southern France, had the idea to sow some acorns collected at the foot of oak trees known to host truffles in their root system.
The experiment was successful: Years later, truffles were found in the soil around the newly grown oak trees. In 1847, Auguste Rousseau of Carpentras (in Vaucluse) planted 7 hectares (17 acres) of oak trees (again from acorns found on the soil around truffle-producing oak trees), and he subsequently obtained large harvests of truffles. He received a prize at the 1855 World’s Fairin Paris.
Truffle 8 Joseph_Talon
Statue of Joseph Talon in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt
These successful attempts were met with enthusiasm in southern France, which possessed the sweet limestone soils and dry, hot weather that truffles need to grow. In the late 19th century, an epidemic of phylloxera destroyed many of the vineyards in southern France. Another epidemic destroyed most of the silkworms there, too, making the fields of mulberry trees useless.

Thus, large tracts of land were set free for the cultivation of truffles. Thousands of truffle-producing trees were planted, and production reached peaks of hundreds of tonnes at the end of the 19th century. In 1890, there were 75,000 hectares (190,000 acres) of truffle-producing trees.

Truffle market in Carpentras
In the 20th century, however, with the growing industrialization of France and the subsequent rural exodus, many of these truffle fields (champs truffiers or truffières) returned to wilderness. The First World War also dealt a serious blow to the French countryside, killing 20% or more of the male working force. As a consequence, newly acquired techniques of trufficulture were lost. Also, between the two world wars, the truffle groves planted in the 19th century stopped being productive. (The average life cycle of a truffle-producing tree is 30 years.) Consequently, after 1945, the production of truffles plummeted, and the prices have risen dramatically. In 1900, truffles were used by most people, and on many occasions. Today, they are a rare delicacy reserved for the rich, or used on very special occasions.

In the last 30 years, new attempts for mass production of truffles have been started. Eighty percent of the truffles now produced in France come from specially planted truffle groves. Nonetheless, production has yet to recover its 1900s peaks. Local farmers are opposed to a return of mass production, which would decrease the price of truffles. There are now truffle-growing areas in the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia and Chile.
truffle 9 Beaumont_-_truffières
Planted truffle groves near Beaumont-du-Ventoux
In New Zealand and Australia
The first black truffles (Tuber melanosporum) to be produced in the Southern Hemisphere were harvested in Gisborne, New Zealand in 1993.
In 1999, the first Australian truffles were harvested in Tasmania, the result of eight years of work. Trees were inoculated with the truffle fungus in the hope of creating a local truffle industry. Their success and the value of the resulting truffles has encouraged a small industry to develop. A Western Australian venture, The Wine and Truffle Company, had its first harvest in 2004, and in 2005 they unearthed a 1-kg (2.2-lb) truffle. In 2008, an estimated 600 kilograms (1,300 lb) of truffles were removed from the rich ground of Manjimup. Each year, The Wine and Truffle Company has expanded its production, moving into the colder regions of Victoria and New South Wales.

In June 2010, Tasmanian growers Michael and Gwynneth Williams harvested Australia’s largest truffle from their property at Myrtle Bank, near Launceston. It weighed in at 1.084 kilograms (2 lb 6.2 oz). Mrs. Williams told ABC Radio in Australia[25] that it is valued at about A$1,500 per kg.
New Zealand’s first burgundy truffle was found in July 2012, at a Waipara truffle farm. It weighed 330 g, and was found by Rosie, the farm owner’s beagle.

truffle 11 Cochon_truffier
Trained pig in Gignac, Lot, France
Looking for truffles in open ground is almost always carried out with specially trained pigs (truffle hogs) or, more recently, dogs. The Lagotto Romagnolo is currently the only dog breed recognized for sniffing out truffles (although virtually any breed could be trained for this purpose).
truffle 12 Dog_smelling_for_truffles_in_Mons,_Var
Trained dog in Mons, Var
Truffle hog Truffle dog
Keen sense of smell Keen sense of smell
Innate ability to sniff out truffles Must be trained
Tendency to eat truffles once found Easier to control
The female pig’s natural truffle-seeking, as well as her usual intent to eat the truffle, is due to a compound within the truffle similar to androstenol, the sex pheromone of boar saliva, to which the sow is keenly attracted.
In Italy, the use of the pig to hunt truffles is prohibited since 1985 due to damage caused by animals to truffle’s mycelia during the digging that dropped the production rate of the area for some years.

Culinary use
Because of their high price and their pungent taste, truffles are used sparingly. Supplies can be found commercially as unadulterated fresh produce or preserved, typically in a light brine.
Truffle 15  Vodka and lemon trufflesVodka-and-lemon-truffles
Vodka and lemon truffles desert
White truffles are generally served raw, and shaved over steaming buttered pasta or salads or fried eggs. White or black paper-thin truffle slices may be inserted into meats, under the skins of roasted fowl, in foie gras preparations, in pâtés, or in stuffings. Some speciality cheeses contain truffles, as well.
The flavor of black truffles is far less pungent and more refined than that of white truffles. Its strong flavor is often described as syrupy sweet. Black truffles also are used for producing truffle salt and truffle honey.
While in the past chefs used to peel truffles, in modern times, most restaurants brush the truffle carefully and shave it or dice it with the skin on so as to make the most of this valuable ingredient. A few restaurants, such as Philippe Rochat in Switzerland, still stamp out circular discs of truffle flesh and use the skins for sauces.
Truffle oil
Truffle 13 _olive_oil_with_Tuber_melanosporum
Truffle oil (olive oil with Tuber melanosporum).
Truffle oil is often used as a lower-cost and convenient substitute for truffles, to provide flavoring, or to enhance the flavor and aroma of truffles in cooking. Most “truffle oil”, however, does not contain any truffles. The vast majority is olive oil which has been artificially flavoured using a synthetic agent such as 2,4-dithiapentane. Daniel Patterson reported in the New York Times that “even now, you will find chefs who are surprised to hear that truffle oil does not actually come from real truffles.”
Truffle vodka
Truffle 14 original_blackmothVodka_singleBottle_500x500
Bottle Of Truffle Infused Vodka by Black Moth
The bulk of truffle oil on the market is made with a synthetic ingredient, as are many other truffle products. However, alcohol is now being used to carry the truffle flavour without the need for synthetic flavourings. The first truffle vodka, Black Moth Vodka, is a natural vodka infused with black Périgord truffles (Tuber melanosporum). Although primarily used as a spirit in its own right and mixed in a range of cocktails, truffle vodka is also used by various chefs to flavour dishes by evaporating the alcohol through cooking whilst retaining the truffle aroma.
truflle 16
In popular culture
• In the episode “The French Connection Job” (season 5, episode 4), of TNT’s television drama series Leverage, the team infiltrates a culinary institute run by an old friend of Eliot’s and whose new owner is involved in smuggling truffles.
• In the Bones episode ‘The Family in the Feud,’ a body was found by a man using a truffle hog to collect truffles. While investigating the death, which may have been committed in the name of a centuries-old feud between two families, Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) attempted to cook several truffles, but discovered they were inedible due to the copper in the soil. Using this information, Hodgins and Daisy (Carla Gallo) proved to be essential in solving a pair of centuries-old deaths believed to have started the feud, and ended the rivalry between the two families

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Maria Maria – Carlos Santana ft Wyclef Jean

maria maria 1

maria maria 2

maria maria 3

maria maria 4

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Maria Maria

knee 1

knee 2

knee 3

knee 4

knee 5

knee 6

knee 7

knee 8

knee 9

knee 10

knee 11

knee 12

knee 13

knee 14

knee 15

knee 16

knee 18

knee 17

knee 19

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Lise Charmel Lingerie Show in Paris

charmel 2

charmel 3

charmel 7

charmel 8

charmel 6

charmel 9

charmel 4

35 year of Lise Charmel - fashion show event

charmel 10

charmel 11

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Yann Dall’Aglio: Love — you’re doing it wrong

Yann Dall’Aglio is a philosopher who thinks deeply about modern love.

Philosopher Yann Dall’Aglio writes about love in the digital age. His two books, A Rolex at 50: Do you have the right to miss your life? and I love you: Is love a has been? explore the challenges and triumphs in the modern era, where individualism and consumerism reign. His work is a declaration of his faith in love, a major feat for a skeptical philosopher.

In this delightful talk, philosopher Yann Dall’Aglio explores the universal search for tenderness and connection in a world that’s ever more focused on the individual. As it turns out, it’s easier than you think. A wise and witty reflection on the state of love in the modern age.

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Wife Number 13 فيلم الزوجة

shadiya 5

shadiya 2

shadiya 3

shadiya 4

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Zeina Zeina Dance رقصة رشدي أباظة – زينة والله زينة

zein 14

zeina 16

zein 13

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