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You Really Need To See What’s Under This Guy’s Pants. It’s Not Like That. Trust Me. He’s Classy.

Kyle Kingsbury is a mixed martial arts fighter. He’s also straight and engaged to be married. He’s also a big fan of equality. After a two-year hiatus from fighting, he decided to use his return to fighting to make a political statement.

gayfighter 1-9de6ba59cdc39d37cdb1752bfd700da9

gayfighter 2-cd2d2496b7740ec8338cb50cdc2dcf08

gay fighter 3

For those with eyes as old as mine, his butt says “Legalize Gay.”

And even though he lost his fight and retired after it, he totally won the weigh-in. Showmanship, good sir. Showmanship.


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Boarding Planes in Israel

scanner 5
The Israelis are developing an airport
security device that eliminates the privacy concerns that come
with full-body scanners. It’s an armoured booth you step into
that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device
you may have on your person.
scanner 3
Israel sees this as a win-win situation for everyone, with none
of this crap about racial profiling. It will also eliminate the costs of
long expensive trials.
You’re in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. and the vaporization of the would be terrorist
Zürich Airport
Shortly thereafter, an announcement: “Attention to all standby
passengers, El Al is pleased to announce a seat available on
flight 670 to London …. Shalom

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Macaque invade Hong Kong

makak 1

Hong Kong saw the invasion of thousands of monkeys to the city, to escape from the forest, which was invaded by humans, where monkeys appeared in the city, making it look like a “planet of the apes.”
makak 2
Spread to a large number of monkeys “macaque” in all parts of the city, causing great confusion among a large segment of citizens.

makak 3

And increased numbers of complaints made by citizens in 2014 in Hong Kong f 529 complaint, the highest level in five years, according to government figures.
makak 4

And adopted Monkeys “macaque” to passers-by to get food, where wandering in the streets and picking up scraps of food from passer bys and attacking trash cans.
makak 5

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Islamic State in Iraq: Stop it from committing genocide of Yazidis and Christians

isleg 26

“Mr. Speaker, We are being slaughtered, we are being exterminated,” cried out Vian Dakhil in a devastating appeal to the Iraqi parliament that deserves the attention of the entire world.
Isleg 20
The Yazidis are caught in the brutal march of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, the extremist Jihadi organization.
isleg 25
It is also known as the Islamic State, and has anointed itself the Caliphate and its leader the ruler of all the world’s Muslims.
isleg 21

isleg 24 christians

Iraq’s largest Christian town has been overrun by the same militant Islamists who have gained a foothold in parts of eastern Syria and western and northern Iraq.

The latest advance by ISIS (or the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has caused thousands of Christians in the city to flee, just as other minority groups targeted by ISIS have done, as well as Shiite Muslims.

isleg 27 christians
President Barack Obama said he had authorized limited bombing to prevent “genocide” and blunt the onslaught of Sunni radicals who have captured swathes of northern Iraq and advanced to a half hour drive from the Kurdish regional capital, Arbil.
gory 8a This image was posted on social networking sites as ISIS take women as slaves in Mosul and Nineveh.

gory 1
The United States began to drop relief supplies to beleaguered Yazidi refugees fleeing Islamist militants in Iraq, but there was no immediate sign on Friday of U.S. air strikes to halt the sweeping advance of Islamic State fighters.
gory 4

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Come Together Michael Jackson with Dillion Harper & Veronica Radke

veronica 15-radke-197662_thumb_585x795

veronica 21

veronica 26 CT-michael-jacksons-come-together-18816111-1276-908

veronica 16

veronica 1

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Dillion Harper & Veronica Radke Come Together to Love to Share and have fun times

veronica 1
Nubile beauties Dillion Harper and Veronica Radke are on their way out to do some sunbathing, but they can’t even make it out the door before they are making out and feeling up each other’s tits and asses! They slowly make their way to a nearby bed and then make short work of each other’s thongs to reveal their needy wet pussies.
veronica 1a

veronica 2

veronica 3
Dillion presses Veronica down onto the bed first, sliding her fingers deep into her woman’s tight channel and licking her landing strip pussy with an eager talented tongue. Veronica can’t stop squirming and moaning her pleasure as Dillion keeps her mouth fastened to her needy clit.

Fun Times Apr 11, 2014 Dillion Harper, Veronica… by allnewvids
veronica 4

veronica 5

Suddenly, the girls are joined by their man Bruce Venture who surprises Dillion from behind and goes right to work burying his face in her exposed soft snatch. Dillion keeps up her pussy feast even after Bruce rises to his knees and sinks his hard cock deep into her dripping juicy twat, using hard deep strokes to spread her pussy juices everywhere and drive her wild!
veronica 6

veronica 7

veronica 8
Next up, Bruce gets some oral attention from his two beauties. Vernoica and Dillion use their mouths and hands, working together to deliver a long, hot double blowjob.
veronica 9

veronica 10
Next up, the girls climb aboard their stud to satisfy their horny desires. Dillion sinks her needy snatch down on her man’s hard cock while Veronica settles her dripping twat on Bruce’s face so that he can deliver a warm wet pussy licking. Dillion rides her man with tons of enthusiasm that gets her boobs bouncing and the whole bed shaking. Veronica can’t keep her hands and tongue off of her lover’s tits, which is fine by Dillion!
veronica 11

veronica 12
Next up, the girls switch positions so that Veronica can get a stiffie ride. She works her hips hard and fast, enjoying the delicious friction while Dillion moans her approval of the dance Bruce’s tongue is doing with her hard needy clit as he brings her apart with her climax rolling through her.

India summer and veronica radke threesome sex with a hard dick brought to you by
When both girls finally have their fill of riding their personal stud, the trio switches things up. Veronica and Dillion arrange themselves in a 69 with Veronica on top, and Bruce enjoys a sweet ball licking from Dillion as he slides his cock home in Veronica’s delightful fuck hole. After her initial moans of pleasure have passed through her lips, Veronica presses her mouth into Dillion’s creamy puss until she pulls away to scream her orgasm to the room.
veronica 13
Moments later, Bruce pulls out of the warmth of Veronica’s snatch to release his load in Dillion’s waiting mouth. As Dillion enjoys her salty treat, Veronica comes in for a kiss so she can share in the love as well.

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Islamic State coming soon to a Neighborhood Near You In Israel, Europe and the USA.WAKE UP


Get your leaders to Move before they return to their homes In London Paris and New York.

hejab 2013 28

gory 8a This image was posted on social networking sites as ISIS take women as slaves in Mosul and Nineveh.
This image was posted on social networking sites as ISIS take women as slaves in Mosul and Nineveh.

gory 1

gory 4
Raped and Killed but refused convert to Islam
gory 2

gory 3

gory 5

gory 6

gory 7

gory 9

gory 10

gory 11

gory 12

gory 13

gory 14

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