Mipsterz anything goes as long as you are wearing hijab

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Sissy Hejab dance
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hija 6 yaya

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Montreux Jazz Festival
Rock Star

Belly Dancing Hijab
hija 9 camel toe Mipsterz_628790S1
Camel toe Hijab

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Lets dance Hijab

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Can Can Hijab
hija 13
Hijab Blowjob

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An American mipster trying on a Hijab

I have decided that I will wear the hijab for a month, starting today.

I do not want any racist comments, any discrimination or any trolling of any variety. If you do, I will remove your comment and report you to the relevant authorities

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catlady 15

The Cat Lady and her Cat House on the Kings – A Kitty Haven
Lynea Lattanzio has one thousand cats. But she insists she’s no crazy cat lady.
catlady 2
Now this might sound like one of those tragic stories about people who hoard animals, but Lynea’s story is far more uplifting. She runs Cat House on the Kings – a ’12-acre no-cage, no-kill cat refuge’ where she takes in strays, offers low-cost spaying and neutering referrals and facilitates pet adoptions.
Lattanzio said, “I have to admit that this is extreme. I have to admit that it is an obsession,”.
catlady 3
Ms. Lattanzio said her mother banned her from having a cat as a child, said she began taking rescues after a divorce that left her alone in her 4,000 ft. house. She volunteered to rescue a few kittens from a local shelter. By the end of the year she was at 100.
catlady 1
Now, she’s at ten times that. She takes in rescues from all over the world, and estimates she has saved close to 31,000 felines in almost two decades.
catlady 4
Lattanzio first lived in the larger home. Pretty soon, the animals took over the home and Lynea then moved to the smaller one, and moved out again to dedicate the house solely to the cats.

“When I moved out of the big house, I thought I will have a life of peace,” she says, laughing. “You can take the woman out of the shelter but you can’t take the shelter out of the woman.”
catlady 5
But these cats aren’t just running around and wrecking the place. Lynea cares for them, and has each and every one of them — all up for adoption except for 50 permanent residents — also have run of their very own 4200 square-foot, five-bedroom house and another house they share with the sanctuary’s founder. “It makes your heart feel good,” says Lattanzio.
catlady 6
Her sanctuary, which employees 25 workers, is an around-the-clock operation, and the largest of its kind in the world.
catlady 7
A nursery, an intensive care unit and even a retirement home for elderly cats are housed in its walls, where endless meows echo throughout the day.
catlady 8
‘If I were a cat, this is where I’d be. We’re a no-cage, no-kill adoption sanctuary,’ she explained.

And as if hundreds of cats were not enough to look after, Ms Lattanzio also has about 15 dogs, which can be seen running around the property
catlady 9
She says, however, this is just the start.
After 19 years working to build the California sanctuary, she is content caring for her hundreds of strays – even if outsiders to call her the crazy cat lady.
catlady 10
‘I’m not crazy, what I do is crazy,’ she said.
▼ After 19 years working to build the California sanctuary, she is content caring for her hundreds of strays – even if outsiders to call her the crazy cat lady.

catlady 13

Momma cat, taking care of her little baby in the Nursery room of Cat House on the Kings
catlady 16

catlady 12
Ms Lattanzio and volunteer Tammy Barker examine a stray Siamese cat at the SPCA

catlady 14
Around the wood stove is a favorite place for the cats. When it’s cold outside this is the warmest spot in the house.

catlady 10

The Cat House on the Kings is California’s largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center. This non-profit organization receives no government or public funding and relies entirely on donations from animal lovers like you.

catlady 11

Watch this beautiful music video by Scott Ryan’s “Vanishing” – chronicling the cathartic journey of a mysterious loner to a cat sanctuary called The Cat House on the Kings.

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Drugs and prostitution to be included in UK national accounts

britpro 11

Angela Monaghan
Contribution of drug dealers and prostitutes to the UK economy boosted figures by £10bn $25bn according to estimates

britpro 1

George Osborne famously declared “we are all in this together” when it comes to Britain’s prosperity. The Office for National Statistics has now taken him at his word, adding up the contribution made by prostitutes and drug dealers.
Powdered Amphetamine Drugs
Drugs and prostitution contributed £10bn to the UK economy in 2009. Photograph: Alamy
For the first time official statisticians are measuring the value to the UK economy of sex work and drug dealing – and they have discovered these unsavoury hidden-economy trades make roughly the same contribution as farming – and only slightly less than book and newspaper publishers added together.

Illegal drugs and prostitution boosted the economy by £9.7bn – equal to 0.7% of gross domestic product – in 2009, according to the ONS’s first official estimate.

A breakdown of the data shows sex work generated £5.3bn for the economy that year, with another £4.4bn lift from a combination of cannabis, heroin, powder cocaine, crack cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines.
britpro 10
According to the estimates there were 60,879 prostitutes in the UK in 2009, who had an average of 25 clients per week – each paying on average £67.16 per visit.

There is also detailed data on drugs. The statisticians reckon there were 2.2 million cannabis users in the UK in 2009, toking their way through weed worth more than £1.2bn. They calculate that half of that was home-grown – costing £154m in heat, light and “raw materials” to produce.

The ONS will work in the coming months to bring the data more up to date. The figures will then be included in the broad category of household spending on “miscellaneous goods and services” alongside life insurance, personal care products and post office charges.
britpro 4
The more inclusive approach brings the ONS into line with European Union rules, and will eventually allow comparisons of the size of the shadow economy in different member states.
britpro 9
Joe Grice, chief economic adviser at the ONS, said: “As economies develop and evolve, so do the statistics we use to measure them. These improvements are going on across the world and we are working with our partners in Europe and the wider world on the same agenda.

“Here in the UK these reforms will help ONS to continue delivering the best possible economic statistics to inform key decisions in government and business.”
britpro 5
The new elements will be published in the national accounts from September onwards, supplementing the more traditional measures of GDP including construction and manufacturing output. By comparison, the construction sector contributed around £90bn to the UK economy in 2009, and manufacturing £150bn.
britpro 7
The ONS said that in every year between 1997 and 2009 prostitution and illegal drugs boosted the economy by between £7bn and £11bn. Combined with other changes to the national accounts from September, £33bn or 2.3% will be added to the 2009 level of GDP, the ONS said.

Graeme Walker, head of national accounts for the ONS, acknowledged there were limitations to measuring the value of illegal activities to the economy, but said it was a useful exercise nevertheless.
britpro 12
“It’s a model-based estimate but one that serves a purpose for the picture of the overall economy.”
Based on 2009 prices, the ONS has estimated prostitution will add £5.3 billion to GDP, while drugs will boost the economy by £4.4 billion. In all the years between 1997 and 2009 the impact ranges from £7 billion to £11 billion, statisticians said.
He said the ONS would attempt to “fill in the gaps” left by available studies but it would be impossible to measure illegal activities as accurately as other components of GDP. Other activities are measured using questionnaires but the response rate in the sex and drugs trades are unlikely to be high.

Alan Clarke, a UK economist at Scotiabank, said that although the government would not feel the benefit of illegal work in terms of income tax take, there would be a spending boost.
britpro 13
“A drug dealer or prostitute won’t necessarily pay tax on that £10bn, but the government will get tax receipts when they spend their income on a pimped up car or bling phone.”
Steve Pudney, professor of economics at the University of Essex, said he was sceptical about the methods used by the ONS to estimate the size of the drugs market.
britpro 14
“In my view, the ONS estimate of the size of the drug market is unlikely to be very accurate. It rests on some heroically large assumptions which would be difficult to test, and it also uses a measure of demand that is likely to understate systematically the true scale of drug use.”
britpro 6
He added: “They are using a demand-side approach which loosely involves multiplying a survey estimate of the number of drug users by another estimate of the amount consumed by the average user.

“Average retail prices of drugs come from other sources – mainly police/customs/security service intelligence sources – and, multiplying this by the estimated demand, gives the size of the market in cash terms.”

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How to tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul

by Jose Stevens, Ph.D.

The following is a brief description of the characteristics of five basic soul levels. Each level has many lifetimes of lessons to teach us wisdom through trial and error.
old 2 one
INFANT SOULS choose lessons of physical survival. They live in simple situations that include intense experiences – famine, plagues, floods, wars, oppression, etc. They don’t know the difference between right and wrong, though they can be taught to be decent human beings. They don’t usually seek higher education and often don’t seek employment, as such. Infant souls don’t question authority and willingly adopt the religion of their parents as is.
old 4
BABY SOULS display less fear than infant souls and are more
sophisticated. But they tend to over apply rules. Black is black as far as they’re concerned. Their strong early beliefs remain fixed in their minds, regardless of lack of their wisdom or tolerance. Baby souls love to become big fish in their little puddles…but hate being opposed. Because of this they may spend much time in litigation. Baby souls don’t spend time navel-gazing into their own lives. They’re often “good students” that learn “proper subjects,” and are attracted to
fundamentalist religions.
old 5
YOUNG SOULS are the “Donald Trumps” of the world…the movers and shakers. They usually set the bar too high for themselves. Achievement is paramount. They chase after what they believe will bring success without ever stopping to think why – because they’re so limited in their perception. They fear death and must have all the toys, experiences, fame and money they can possibly accumulate before they die. They are designers of civilization. Young souls usually seek higher education and graduate-level degrees. Their views of orthodoxy are at one end of the spectrum or the other. Monks and nuns are at one end and a belief in total sexual freedom, the other. They have difficulty with insight into other people’s behaviour.
old 3
MATURE SOULS challenge the young soul’s desire to “have it all.” It is a hard cycle that demands seeking answers to life’s tough questions. They are attracted to gentler faiths, such as Quaker, Unitarian, or Buddhist. Mature souls are not as open to the occult as old souls. They look for and question the motivation for all of life’s actions. They often continue with inappropriate relationships – perhaps believing that through self-sacrifice, or tough lessons they will ultimately prevail. Often they can’t shake their sense of duty. Mature souls suffer from stress related illness that sometimes results in schizophrenia, psychosis and a higher suicide rate than other souls. [Cayce emphasized the role that `stress' plays in not only physical illnesses but also mental illnesses; he believed it was `stress' that wrecked havoc on the brain chemistry/balance]. But they’re smart enough to seek professional help without urging. Mature souls often make huge contributions to knowledge – particularly philosophical and scientific. But altogether they don’t necessarily have the drive for fame, many still achieve it. They’re emotionally high maintenance.
old 1realistic-eye-paintings-02
OLD SOULS live and let live. They seek the route of least
resistance…they’re individualistic and usually easy going. They have an inner knowing of the waste of time in pursuing fame and fortune and therefore create the appearance of being “laid back.” Old souls are highly competent – even in roles they don’t particularly like. They tend to choose work that is pleasant and undemanding, leaving them free to pursue their desired goals easily…unless the job adds to the spiritual search. They may or may not seek higher education… but definitely will seek it if they sense it’s needed for their chosen path. Old souls create confidence in animals. And their choice of medical care tends to be alternative and holistic. Old souls are here to teach others their spiritual understandings. Their philosophies and writings are simple and easy to read. Old souls religion is far reaching and has no
label. A grove of trees is a sacred place to them. They seldom cling to dogma and prefer personal spiritual practices. However, old souls are wise enough to be discreet in their religious practices and know how to pass in public undetected. They focus on searching for the spiritual truth and have a finer sense of knowing what is true than any other souls level. Old souls all over the world share the experience of emptiness and a longing for that feeling of home.

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Sting: How I started writing songs again

2013 MusiCares Person of the Year Honoring Bruce Springsteen - Arrivals
He’s sold more than 100 million albums and earned 16 Grammy Awards, yet Sting continues to surprise. His fourteenth solo album, The Last Ship, features songs from his Broadway-bound musical of the same name.
Premiering in 2014, The Last Ship—with direction by Joe Mantello, music and lyrics by Sting and book by John Logan and Brian Yorkey—is inspired by Sting’s memories of the English seafaring community of Wallsend where he was born and raised. The story is set against the demise of the local shipbuilding industry and is anchored by a group of unemployed workers who take back the shipyard to build one last ship.
sting 2
The constant throughout Sting’s enduring career has been his propensity to evolve. From his tenure as lead singer and bassist with The Police, producing classic hits like “Every Breath You Take” and “Message In A Bottle,” to his acclaimed ventures as a solo artist, Sting is one of the world’s most renowned and distinctive musicians.

An actor, composer, author and committed activist, Sting, along with wife Trudie Styler, founded the Rainforest Fund in 1989 to protect the world’s rainforests and the indigenous people living there. This year, the organization celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Sting’s early life was dominated by a shipyard—and he dreamed of nothing more than escaping the industrial drudgery. But after a nasty bout of writer’s block that stretched on for years, Sting found himself channeling the stories of the shipyard workers he knew in his youth for song material. In a lyrical, confessional talk, Sting treats us to songs from his upcoming musical, and to an encore of “Message in a Bottle.”
Sting 1
He’s sold more than 100 million albums and earned 16 Grammy Awards, yet Sting continues to surprise. His fourteenth solo album, The Last Ship, features songs from his Broadway-bound musical of the same name.

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اسماعيل ياسين والطفلة فيروز – اتمخطري يا عروسة

ismail 1

ismail 2

ismail 3

ismail 4-yassin-1956-26701-7275784

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Lebanese first gay marriage is so welcome in Lebanon….!!!!

gayleb 3

“Georges Massaad’s gay marriage in San Francisco.”
A title I saw every time I scrolled down my facebook newsfeed section today.
What a “great” accomplishment for the country, a premiere.
I might sound old fashioned, but I don’t think it is something we should brag about in the country of the Cedars.
I was always and still am with the freedom of every person to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t harm other people. So yes, I respect the decision and happiness of Georges, as it is something completely personal. It is his life, no one has to interfere or comment about it. Therefore, no need to make all this fuss about it.
For those people showing so much happiness and such an open mind about the gay marriage, claiming it is a personal matter: please keep it personal to the concerned groom and don’t shower us with your virtual fireworks online.
We all might have our own opinion about the subject, but no one is allowed to judge if it is right or wrong to be gay. Science, medicine and psychology are still not able to prove if it is a condition, if it acquired during childhood or if people are born with specific sexual preferences. Religion forbid it completely, some even go as far as killing non-straight people. This it too far though, this is pure ignorance.
gayleb 2
George Massad is lucky, he found his soulmate and he was blessed by his parents. But it is so surprising that a Lebanese father from Zahleh, would be so happy about such an event, while other parents would fight their son or daughter if they do a mixed marriage, or maybe because the bride is not educated enough or even tall enough.
I am not sure if I should respect or just be shocked. To be honest, it is very confusing.
How far is far when it comes to freedom? What is freedom? Where are the old values of the Lebanese culture? What is going to happen if all people will have gay marriages?
Then it will be the real end of the world.!!
gayleb 4
When someone gets married in my country we wish them a happy marriage and a life full of children, “ne’sha3lak 3ariss”….
Dear Georges, Mabrouk !!! But I am not sure how to say the second part of the Lebanese wedding wish for a gay groom.
I really wish you the best luck, and maybe your union will be luckier than many of the hetero marriages who are full of lies and cheating, and who end up in so much pain. I respect you for being honest with yourself, with your family and with the whole world. I respect you for not being one of those Lebanese (and surely many of other nationalities) who visits his country, fools a bride, bring her to USA and then he wakes up and sees that he cannot make it. “Oooops… sorry dear wife, go back home, I thought I can do it but I changed my mind, I should not have got married.” He goes back to his boyfriend, and the hell starts for the poor bride. She will be the bad divorcee and he will be the untouchable MAN.
gay leb 6
I miss my old Lebanon. The war was scary with all the destruction and ugliness we lived. But when friends of my generation talk about those days, we agree that we miss it. Not the bad part of it, but the human part. When a man was man, in the look and in the values, and when a woman looked like a woman, not like a duck or a freak.
What is going on in this world, and specifically in my homeland, in Lebanon?
Salons and plastic surgeons are busy fixing the “beauty” of men. They die their hair, they transplant hair, they grow their hair and have ponytail, they remove body hair, they shape their eyebrows, they do manicure and pedicure (with clear nail polish), they put earrings, they do botox and fillers and do so many other kinds of plastic surgery some are even growing boobs. And you still wonder why we have so many single ladies and why religious courts are so busy with ugly divorces?
Sorry for being “demodee”, but I am still not able to be neutral when I see two professional ladies kissing in a decent restaurant in Lebanon, or when I know that gays in Lebanon already have a website and a facebook page where they proudly display their romantic photos.
George Khalil Massad, a guy from Zahleh Lebanon, was the first Lebanese to announce publicly his gay marriage that took place in the US.

In addition to the support he got from his parents who are not ashamed and totally fine with the choice he did, George published his marriage’s photos to his Facebook account without any hesitancy or fear.
gayleb 5
But, … Will the society accept what he did? Will he be annoyed when in Lebanon? Will people judge him till the last day of his life?
It makes me see how far we are already from the values our parents raised us on, and how confusing this world is becoming, a world where a divorced woman is a bitch and where a gay marriage is so loudly welcome.

Allah yerhamak ya Abou Melhem. I am sure you are shaking in your grave.
And thank God we still have the songs of Feyrouz that remind us of those days of purity.

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زواج مثلي لبناني: صفيح ساخن ترقص عليه التناقضات المحلية First Lebanese gay marriage

gayleb 3

مجتمع لا يتقبّل وقانون يعاقب
ريما زهار

جورج مسعد وشريكه الأميركي

المادة 534 من قانون العقوبات تُستخدم لتجريم المثلية في لبنان

جورج مسعد وشريكه الأميركي

مواضيع ذات صلة
جورج مسعد اللبناني تزوج شريكه الأميركي
يبدو أن خبر زواج لبناني من شريكه المثلي الأميركي لن يمر مرور الكرام، في بلد يجد صعوبة في تقبّل كل من هو مختلف سياسيًا واجتماعيًا وجنسيًا وعقائديًا.

ريما زهار من بيروت: ليس من السهل أن يقبل كل اللبنانيين تشريع الزواج المثلي، إذ أثار خبر زواج اللبناني جورج مسعد، المهاجر إلى أميركا منذ 3 سنوات، من شريكه الأميركي، موجة ردود معارضة، طغت على بعض الأصوات الداعية لاحترام حق الإنسان في اختيار هويته الجنسية.

مادة قانونية مبهمة

في هذا الاطار، يقول الخبير القانوني رياض دياب لـ”إيلاف” إن المادة 534 من قانون العقوبات اللبناني تنص على أن كل مجامعة على خلاف الطبيعة يعاقب عليها بالحبس حتى سنة واحدة، وهذه المادة تُستخدم لتجريم المثلية في لبنان.
gayleb 4
يضيف: “الإبقاء على هذه المادة في نصها المبهم يعزّز التعدّيات والأفعال السلبية الموجّهة ضد المثليين، كالتمييز ضد المثليين في العمل، وصرفهم تعسفيًا، أو حرمانهم من السكن أو الخدمات الصحية والاجتماعية، وصولًا في بعض الأحيان إلى الابتزاز السياسي والمالي، كما يُبقي موضوع المثلية الجنسية ضمن المسائل الممنوعة والمحرّمة، لأن ذلك ينسجم بالطبع مع رغبة الطبقة اللبنانية بمجمل أطيافها، سياسيًا ودينيًا والتي تفضل الإبقاء على المجتمع محافظًا”.

يتابع قائلًا إن المثليين في لبنان يواجهون خيارًا صعبًا، “إما مغادرة البلاد او العيش حياة مزدوجة، وبما أن القانون اللبناني يجرِّم هذا الفعل، فزواج جورج مسعد الذي تم في أميركا لا يمكن أن يسجّل رسميًا في لبنان، ولا يمكن بالتالي الحديث عن مفاعيل الميراث والأطفال التي قد تنشأ عن هكذا زواج”.
gay leb 6
. أوّل زواج لمثلي جنسياً من زحلة!
المجتمع لا يتقبّل

تقول الدكتورة غيدا عمّار، الباحثة في علم النفس، لـ”إيلاف”: “منذ فترة، لاحظت أن موضوع المثليين في لبنان قد تطوّر من خلال تعبيرهم الجريء عن أنفسهم أكثر من السابق، فلهم في لبنان مراكزهم الخاصة، وبدأنا نلاحظ قبول الإختلاف في لبنان منذ فترة، حيث إن المثليين أصبحوا أكثر جرأة في الإعلان عن أنفسهم، ففي السابق كان يعتبر الأمر بمثابة “تابو” ولم يكن أحد يتجرأ على الإعلان عن نفسه، ولبنان برأيها لا يشبه بذلك الدول العربية، حيث لا يزال يعتبر هذا الموضوع من المحرّمات.

وتضيف عمار: “رغم ذلك، لا يزال القانون في لبنان يعاقب المثلي جنسيًا، فيُسجن. وليس من السهل الحصول على الأعداد المتواجدة للمثليين، نساءً أو رجالًا، والمجتمع منقسم بين من يقبلهم ومن لا يزال يرفضهم، ولم يعودوا، أي المثليين، يُحاربون ويُضطهدون كما كانوا في السابق، أما في أوروبا وأميركا فالأمر مختلف إذ إن الحرية سمحت لهم بالزواج من دون أن يثير ذلك أحدًا”.
gayleb 2
تأثير نفسي

وكمحللة نفسية، تولي عمّار الأهمية للدور الكبير الذي تلعبه العائلة في هذا المجال، أما كيف تنظر إلى الغرب الذي شرّع المثلية من خلال زواج المثليين فتقول إن الأمر قد يخلق مشكلة في المستقبل لدى تبني المثليين للأطفال، لأن ذلك يؤثر في نفسية الطفل في أن يكون لديه والدتان أو والدان، الأمر يخلق بالطبع للطفل مشاكل نفسية، وقد يشهد المثليون أيضًا على أمراض جنسية من خلال علاقتهما غير السوية.

وتعتبر أن وجود المثليين إناثًا كانوا أو ذكورًا، هو أمر لن يقبله المجتمع اللبناني بسهولة، رغم أنه أصبح أكثر تساهلًا من السابق، غير أن الكثيرين خصوصًا الأجيال القديمة ترفضه رفضًا قاطعًا.

تصالح مع الذات

تقول ليلى ديراني، اخصائية علم اجتماع، لـ”إيلاف” إن نظرة المجتمع إلى المثليين، نساء أو ذكورا، لم تتبدل كثيرًا، رغم أننا نشهد زواج بعض المثليين كما حصل أخيرًا مع اللبناني الذي تزّوج شريكه الأميركي، وتعتبر أن القانون اللبناني لم يتغير في هذا الخصوص وهو لا يزال يسجن من كان مثليًا، لكن يبقى أن هناك جمعيات تختص بهذا الموضوع وهي تعالج كل الأمور المتعلقة بهم.
gayleb 5
تضيف ديراني: “هناك رفض في لبنان لكل ما هو مختلف اجتماعيًا ونفسيًا وسياسيًا، ففي السياسة نشهد على الصراعات وإجتماعيًا أيضًا هناك صراعات دفينة من خلال عدم قبول من هو مختلف كالمثليين وكذلك عدم قبول الجنس المختلف أي النساء وتعنيفهن هذا أيضًا يدخل ضمن عدم قبول الآخر المختلف، والمجتمع اللبناني برأيها اليوم يحتاج أن يتصالح مع ذاته لقبول هذا الآخر المختلف.

elaph.com and other sources

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Bruce Willis’ daughter Scout walks around topless in New York in protest of Instagram

Scout 4-Willis-Topless-In-Manhattan-760x570Bruce Willis’ daughter walks around topless in New York

The former couple’s second eldest child, Scout Willis, posted several photographs of herself wearing just a skirt and sandals on the streets of Manhattan on Twitter to protest Instagram’s nudity policy after her account was suspended.
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She captioned one shot: “Legal in NYC but not on Instagram,” and another: “What @Instagram won’t let you see #FreeTheNipple”
Willis said she was inspired to confront Instagram’s policy after topless photos Rihanna posted of herself on Facebook Inc’s Instagram were taken down last month.

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“This is about helping women feel empowered to make personal choices about their bodies not dictated by what society says is decent,” Willis wrote on Twitter, which allows nude photos.

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Rihanna was also banned from Instagram for posting her topless photo from a shoot she did for Lui magazine.
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Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, Scout Willis, walked topless around New York City.
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She told her followers that she was boycotting the photo-sharing site after it removed one of her photos – of a sweatshirt she designed, The Babe Bomber, featuring two topless women – for violating its Community Guidelines.
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Rumur Willis
The 22-year-old aspiring singer also tweeted: “If you don’t like what you see, simply unfollow me.

“My comfort with my body should not be dictated by how others perceive me. However, I don’t wish to force this view on anyone.”
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She told her followers that she was boycotting the photo-sharing site after it removed one of her photos – of a sweatshirt she designed, The Babe Bomber, featuring two topless women – for violating its Community Guidelines.
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The 22-year-old aspiring singer also tweeted: “If you don’t like what you see, simply unfollow me.

“My comfort with my body should not be dictated by how others perceive me. However, I don’t wish to force this view on anyone.”

She also pleaded to Instagram: “Can I please just have all my photos back??? I won’t even have an account anymore I just want my photos!”

‘Diehard’ star Bruce, who also has daughters, Rumer, 25, and Tallulah, 20, with Demi, as well as Mabel, two, and three-week old Evelyn with wife Emma Heming-Willis, is unlikely to be happy about Scout’s protest.
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A source previously revealed he was “mortified” after he saw pictures of Rumer showing a lot of skin at a red carpet event.
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The insider said: “Bruce was mortified.
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As everyone knows, he’s actually a very conservative guy and doesn’t like to see his daughter parading around in next to nothing.”

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